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Free Giveaway~

Yup Another Giveaway!
Why? Because seller sent me the wrong series (and won't admit wrong doing, or exchange and no refund). Lovely right?
Stuck with 3 sets of them, keeping a few, sigh. T_T
My Loss, Your Gift!

So I have a bunch to give away. They are CUTE, of course.

Every $45 spent (before shipping and fees) you will get 1 of the mystery figures.
lambo & reborn

General Info

Please Read Before Proceeding.
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To Contact For Quotes & Questions
- For shipping quotes, remember to include your zip code / or  country for a speedier answer.
- You may post a comment. (i will message you or i will need your email to discuss in private.)
- Or message me.
- Or email me at:

For quick reference to me about anything, include the # or name of item.

Shipping Rate Estimate Chart

I hope you will find this new post helpful.^^ Sorry if I'm confusing, just ask me if I am.
Yes, I always combine shipping for everything, the charts are just to give you a very general idea of how much it might cost if you buy multiple items of the same type (ex: doujinshi + doujinshi) not for combining different types (ex: doujinshi + keychain). So don't just add up the prices, that would be incorrect. Combined shipping is by weight, not by the type of item.
I just took random averaged sized doujinshis / items and weighed them with packing material.

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Whats For Sale - Lowered Prices on Most Items!!

- Just follow the links on this post and it'll navigate you to everything.

- Everything comes from a non smoking and pet free home.^^

- Condition: Every book or item I have ever bought has always been very well taken care of. I have always stored them on my many bookshelves. However I do buy most doujinshis 2nd hand and some manga (chinese), so it might have some light wear, but still excellent in most cases.
They are in the same condition as when i got them.



*all doujinshis are B5 unless stated otherwise
*all are in plastic sleeves.

-Bleach [3]
-Gintama [2]
-D.Gray-man -Final Fantasy 7 -Lamento -Prince of Tennis [6]
-Katekyo Hitman Reborn [71]
-Katekyo Hitman Reborn anthologies [1]
-Togainu no Chi [6]
- Doujinshi Lots


*All merchandise were from Japan, I DO NOT SELL fake products!
click picture for full list.

-Japanese and Chinese
-Shounen Ai and Yaoi

*International shipping for these are super expensive!
*no furoku included, unless stated otherwise.

-Sho Comi